Try as we might, here at Sunland Park Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we can’t figure out how it got to be November already. But, we recognize that familiar look of drivers trying to figure out which car will be their best bet for holiday shopping, errand running, and traveling, so it must be that time of year. First and foremost, head on into our El Paso Chrysler dealership and let us help you find a new Jeep SUV or RAM truck. Then, let’s get down to business planning for your holiday road trip.

When you’re trying to formulate the best way to pack up the car with food and gifts, it’s tempting to use up every available inch of space; however, it’s a good idea to keep everything in the trunk or behind the rear seat, even if it takes some expert Tetris-style packing. We’ve all been on the roads for the holidays. With traffic and frequent accidents, sudden stops are par for the course. All of those unsecured items run the risk of jumping off those seats and laps, spoiling a lot of holiday hard work and possibly even injuring passengers.

While we’re on the subject of packing the car, it’s a great idea to pack it the night before and hit the road in the early AM. If you can see the sunrise from behind the wheel, you’re on the right track in terms of time. All of the other best-laid plans, from early afternoon to late at night, tend to go awry, with you and your family sitting in traffic wondering what you could have done differently.

Another benefit of driving early? With a fresh night’s sleep in your bones and some coffee or tea in your system, you’re liable to be a lot more awake than you will be late at night. We can’t caution enough to avoid driving tired. Whether you were running around all week shopping and cooking, or you just had a few extra helpings of Thanksgiving dinner and they’ve got you feeling drowsy, driving tired brings with it the same risks as driving drunk. And that coffee’s just not as effective at night as it is in the morning. So get some shuteye if you can and hit the road rested and refreshed, or as close to it as you can get during the holidays.

Most of all, enjoy spending time with your family this Thanksgiving holiday!